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Apostle (2018) Blu-ray

Apostle (2018) Blu-ray


In 1905, a drifter on a dangerous mission to rescue his kidnapped sister tangles with a sinister religious cult on an isolated island.(THE ITEM PICTURE IS AN EXAMPLE OF OUR INVENTORY, INSTEAD OF USING DIGITAL PHOTOS WE WANT THE CUSTOMER TO SEE THE ACTUAL PRODUCT. ONLY DIFFERENCE MAY BE CASE COLOR. THEY ARE EITHER BLUE OR CLEAR)

These are professionally manufactured Blu-ray that is part of the Digital to Physical Media Service. We are not claiming that they are an official studio release. However, they do have 1080 HD picture quality & Dolby Digital Sound. With Netflix digital to physical media services you choose from a list of original Netflix content and we will send it to you in physical form. But you get more than that. With this service, all movies will come with case and full color artwork. These are professionally manufactured DVD or Blu-ray with better than streaming picture and sound quality. All transfers have active menus and something you don't get with streaming...bonus features. Since these titles are not massed produced they are manufactured on demand using quality recordable media. Not generic retail media but high grade archival media that has a 100 year shelf life. So yes, unless you are immortal these discs will out-live you and your kids and their kids.


NOTE: This is a legal service provided for Netflix customers. You are paying for the transfer service not any particular title. It is understood that these are meant for buyers personal use and it is unlawful to resell as a retail item or to be used for any other commercial use." The content of the Blu-ray are transcribed to the disc from a digital source used for streaming. This is done by Netflix Media Services lawfully under Netflix's Terms Of Use. [Read section 4.6 for the specifics.] Our discs are intended as a viewing option for Netflix subscribers and their use is in compliance with all copyright laws.

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